2015 Summer Series


What Separates Us, What Brings Us Together

Sundays in June, July, and August

9:45 a.m.   |   The Atrium, Ground Floor of the Oglesby Building

In the Summer Adult Education Series we will explore several dimensions of life that have significant impact on how we view ourselves in relation with others and how we interact with others. Since the meanings we ascribe to our experience and perceptions differ from person to person and from group to group, we are divided about some things and united by others. 

In the Summer Series we will explore the dynamics, complexities and moral questions raised in by certain aspects of socio-economics, politics. We plan to address faith traditions and the role they play in bringing us together in a time with rapidly changing demographics. We also will strengthen our understanding and appreciation of the role of music and art in bringing people together.

Many moral questions arise at the intersection between economy and society. Success and failure are attributed to the individual, with little notice of the larger social and political realities.

Referred to as the “Great Divide,” contemporary American politics is deeply polarized to the extreme detriment of our most marginalized citizens.

Within and among faith traditions and communities, divisions indicate the need for ongoing conversations. Some say that tradition may separate us, yet the Bible’s message brings us together.

Music has been described as the “universal language” that transcends differences and creates community. People come together through art, music, dance and celebration.

[We are in the process of finalizing the presenters for the Summer Series. Additional information will be available soon.]