Central Neighbors Parishes + Coordinators + Pastoral Care

Decatur Fall 2012Central Neighbors was formed to provide members with opportunities to build community and receive and provide pastoral care within eight geographical "parishes" located throughout metro Atlanta. Each member becomes a member of a parish when he or she joins Central.

Typically, parishes come together for social gatherings, service opportunities, support when a new baby is born, when someone is ill, or someone dies.  Annually, parishes gather in members' homes to mark Maundy Thursday by sharing a potluck meal and worship.  Our deacons work closely with parish coordinators, particularly in response to  pastoral concerns.


  • Decatur - Coordinators: Amy Kirkland and Cindy Yarbrough; Pastor: Molly McGinnis; Parish Deacons:  Vicki Norman, Emily Sciarrone, Alison Main, Marcia Hunter
  • North - Coordinator: Gayle Knight; Parish Pastor:  Anna George Traynham; Parish Deacons: Rick Wornat, Ben Evans, Anne Blankinship, Brian Bishop
  • Intown South - Coordinator: Kristeen Sorrells; Parish Pastor:  Molly McGinnis; Parish Deacons:  Becky Battle, Philip Covin and David York
  • Intown North - Coordinator:  Debbie Miller; Parish Pastor:  Anna George Traynham; Parish Deacons: Michael Lloyd, Debbie Miller, Richard Woodring
  • Brookwood - Coordinator: Juliana Winters; Parish Pastor:  Michelle Hwang; Parish Deacons:  Paul Greene and Juliana Winters
  • Down Yonder - Coordinator:  Em McNair; Parish Pastor:  Sally Ann McKinsey Sisk; Parish Deacons:  Jane Conyers,Em McNair, Brenda Spruell