bede and kids webAs followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to participate in God’s mission to the world, ministering to the immediate needs and hurts of people and engaging those structures and systems which create or foster brokenness and injustice. In response, Central has created, or joins with other churches and organizations to support, diverse ministries of compassion, reconciliation and advocacy. We sustain these ministries with our time, money and vision, sharing and living out the promise of the abundant life we know in Jesus Christ.

Connect Through Serving

serve_11168cAre you looking for a way to connect with the Central community?  Look no further!

Join one of the committees who work together to carry out our mission.  Committees generally meet once a month (second Monday of the month except July and December) to plan their service to the Central community.  For a list of committees and the contact person for each, click here.

Not sure how to contact the committee chairs or others you know at Central?  Search for the "Church Life" app at the iTunes store or the Android store.  This app will connect you to the Central community where you can search (by name) for contact information.  Note:  you must first have an account with AccessACS--Central's online database.  Click here to get an account.)



Third Sunday Coffee Sale

Through the Presbyterian Coffee Project, Central serves only fair tradeequal_exchange_background coffee and every third Sunday sells to members coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and chocolate produced by farmers in developing countries. Our purchase helps assure that farmers receive a fair price for their goods.

Price List

Coffee (Whole Bean or Ground) $7.00
Tea $2.50
Hot Chocolate $5.00
Chocolate Bars $2.50