An Update from our Mission Co-Workers

Shelvis and Nancy Communion ShadowRecently, Central received a letter from our mission co-workers Shelvis and Nancy Smith Mather who serve in South Sudan.  Click here to read this letter.

To learn more about Shelvis and Nancy and their work in South Sudan, click here.





Live Locally, Act Globally!

Who is the Global Mission Committee?

Every Central member, certainly; potentially, everyone who comes to Central! Current committee members include Cat Goodrich (Resident Pastor), Bettye Russell (chair), Mary Caroline Lindsey, Harold Harbert, Elizabeth Neil, Ellen Logan, Kemie Nix, Jennell Charles, Ximena Leroux, Ed Galloway, Lydia Rainwater, Kaye Carmichael, Bede Campbell, and Marianne Norton

What do we do? How?

International mission trips

To the US/Mexico border in summer 2012
Support for youth trips and through Presbytery partnerships
In the past: Central trips to Scotland (Iona), Cuba, Israel/Palestine, Mexico, Costa Rica, and LaGonave, Haiti


Presbyterian Coffee Project

Coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate candy for sale the third Sunday of the month
Refugee Resettlement Volunteer help, home furnishings and financial support through the locally based RRISA and Refugee Family Services


International students

Host students during holidays through the locally based AMIS
Sign up for the Amigo program, spending time with students from other countries during their stay in Atlanta while attending a local university
Host the annual December holiday luncheon for Atlanta’s AMIS program
Financial support of organizations working globally with children

Children’s Literature for Children, Kenya, Central America
A water purification system for a school in Uganda
Orphanage in the Ukraine, This Child Here


Support of Presbyterian mission co-workers

Mark Adams on the US/Mexico border
Jo Ella Holman, PC(USA) liaison with Cuba and the Caribbean
Shelvis and Nancy Smith Mather in South Sudan, Africa; Click here to view Saving Baby Jordan--the story of the birth of Nancy & Shelvis' son, the first American born in South Sudan.
The Outreach Foundation who support Presbyterian missionaries around the world
Oversight of Central’s contributions to five PC(USA) offerings One Great Hour of Sharing (Easter)
Peacemaking Offering (World Communion Sunday)Christmas Joy Offering
Pentecost Offering – part PC/USA General Assembly/part Central for children at risk
PATH Offering (5th Sundays) – for Presbytery of Greater Atlanta to support hunger programs


Interfaith initiatives

Participation in Habitat for Humanity interfaith builds
Financial support of FAMA (Faith Alliance of Metropolitan Atlanta) and the Regional Council of Churches, as well as the Presbyterian Peace Foundation
Peace Initiatives

Sunday peace vigils
Execution vigils and letter-writing campaigns

There are ways and ways and ways to live locally and act globally. New initiatives and new participants are always welcome. Contact Cat Goodrich for more information and more involvement.