Central seeks to provide a welcoming place for families with children, to help children know and feel the love of God, and to help parents guide their children in developing their faith.

April Events


Celebrating familes with young children at Central


We invite all parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to join us as we have conversations to get to heart of the matter about what's important in nurturing our children in their faith.

We will meet the entire month of April in the Brotherhood Room from 9:45 to 10:45 AM.

While each session can stand alone, there is a structure to the series that resembles the ever-expanding circles when a pebble hits a pond. At the center of those circles is God, thenexpanding to your child, your family, your church, and the world. Breakfast will be provided and we'll have giveaways! Learn more about each session below.


April 3  God as Parent

Come and engage through conversations and activities as we explore what it means to see God as parent. We will look at children's literature and biblical narratives.


April 10  Faith Development of Children

Have you ever wondered which words to use about God? Come and join us as we explore and examine stages of faith development. Each participant will create a visual representation of faith milestones for their child(ren).


April 17  Faith Development of Children within the context of Family

Have you ever wondered when to introduce prayer or deeper questions about God? Come and join us as we explore a variety of family rituals (prayer, language, games, etc.) and create something which can be used for your own family.


April 24  Faith Development of Children within the context of Church

Do you have suggestions for Central's Children's Ministry or are you yearning for other programs? We will explore baptism and the promises made and examine the scope and sequence of childrens programs offered by Central. We will also examine the different bibles for children and evaluate them for your own.



Join us as we help out at the Favor House. We'll take part in some gardening projects and assist with other beautification projects. Afterwards, we'll share a meal and unpack our time together with out kids. 

Sunday Mornings

Childcare - Central provides a nursery staffed by professional childcare workers for children age 3 and under during the Sunday School hour. There are separate rooms for infants, for walking toddlers, and children age 2 and up. All rooms are located on the first floor of the Campbell-Eagan Building and open at 9:30 a.m. Parents are given pagers so that the nursery staff can notify them if their child is upset or ill.

Sunday School - Children age 3 and older may attend their own Sunday School classes on the second floor of the Oglesby Education Building.

We use the Godly Play curriculum.

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Godly Play 2012




Extended Session - During the worship hour, when more children are present, volunteers from the congregation assist the paid childcare staff. Extended Session is open to children age 6 and younger.

All parents of children in this age group are assigned volunteer Sundays. An online schedule is posted and parents who cannot serve their designated Sunday can trade Sundays with another parent and notify the childcare coordinator.

Children in Worship - Central is committed to welcoming children as full participants in our worship services. Children of any age are always welcome in worship with their parents. Families often serve together as ushers and greeters, by ringing the church bell, and bringing forward communion elements. Older children also enjoy serving as lectors offering the Scripture readings.

Sunday Lunch - Lunch is served in Tull Hall each Sunday immediately following the worship service. Families with young children are expected and encouraged to “cut in line” and get their food earlier. The cost is $7 for adults and $3 for children over age 2.


If you are a member of Central, please consider volunteering your time to spend a Sunday caring for some of our younger members. This experience is a great way to fulfill your baptismal vow to help nurture the children of our congregation as they grow in the faith.