Adult Classes

Adult Ed webAt Central, we believe that Christian education is a lifelong journey. In addition to gathering for worship, adults are encouraged to participate in classes on Sunday mornings.



Classes are offered every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. with a variety of topics from Bible study, to current issues, to theological questions. Ongoing adult classes with rotating leadership provide learning and fellowship opportunities. 

Special studies are also offered throughout the year.  Each January Central's adult classes meet together for Winter Studies and during the summer months for Summer Series to focus on a specific topic.

Fall Adult Learning Opportunities

Both Fall Terms| September 7 - December 14


Faith Through Works

Explore ways to live our faith more fully through works in our daily lives. Leaders: Various Guests 

The class will explore ways to live our faith through works in our daily lives. Class participants will engage in lively conversations and hear from guest speakers who will provide personal examples and tools for how to live our faith.Class participants will be challenged to live their faith more fully and share progress over the course of the class. November 2, Jessica Vazquez-Torres will engage us in conversations pertaining to race and culture. For a complete list of guest speakers and dates, click here.
Stephanie & Bret Williams, Conveners; Faith & Family Class
Location: The Parlor

Central Letters

Sunday mornings, look for a “klatch” of coffee drinking, socializing, brother and sister loving folks in Tull Hall. We will share common concerns, take time for meditation and prayer, and put pen to paper to correspond in joy and love with those in celebration or need. Led by Brian Bishop and the Deacons, letter and note writing is the focus; ministry is the result.                                     
Brian Bishop, Convener
Location:  Tull Hall

First Fall Term | September 7 - October 19

Great Texts of the Bible and their meaning for contemporary Christian life
Study some GREAT Biblical TEXTS and examine their meaning for life today.

Leader: J. Oscar McCloud, Associate Pastor Emeritus, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, NYC. McCloud retired in 2005 after 44 years in ministry as pastor, General Assembly staff, Mission Agency Executive, and Director of The Fund for Theological Education. Oscar was active in Civil Rights, the Free South Africa and anti-Apartheid movements. He is a native of Georgia having returned to Atlanta two years ago after 43 years working in NYC and living in Northern NJ.

It is easy in reading the Bible to read more than one is able to absorb at one sitting, or to read it and think that it applies to someone we know. It is more difficult to study the text and seriously explore how the text applies to each of us.
Ed Carwile, Convener, Sojourner Class
Location: The Brotherhood Room off Tull Fellowship Hall

Logos Class
Study Acts for four Sundays, then three sessions on slavery in the Bible.

Leaders: Raj Nadella, Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary and Beth Johnson Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary, both Central affiliate members.

Central’s new Bible study class begins with Raj Nadella leading a four-session study of Acts. Beth Johnson will then lead a three-week examination of slavery in the Bible – a great lead-in to the October 26th class in which Erskine Clark will discuss his book By The Rivers of Water.    
Robert Catterall, Convener, Logos Class
The Greene Room off Tull Fellowship Hall

Daring Greatly
Discover what Brene Brown means by "Daring Greatly." (Warning: it can change your life!)

Text: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Leader: Mary Amos, Pastoral Counselor and Central Member.

Research Psychologist Dr. Brené Brown states that "we are hardwired to connect with others; it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." She encourages us to be vulnerable because vulnerability is the center of meaningful human experience. The class will explore her ideas with an informal, discussion-oriented format.  
Jean Ellen Jones, Convener, Keystone Class
Location:  Taylor Conference Room off Tull Fellowship Hall

The Book of Job: A Biography
Suffering and evil: biblical and extra-biblical perspectives circling the Book of Job

Text: The Book of Job: A Biography by Mark Lattimore

Leader: John Huss, Class Convenor, and members of the Class

Issues in Theology begins a yearlong study of suffering and the problem of evil with an examination of the history of the interpretation of the Book of Job from ancient times to the present, seeking to open heads and hearts of class members to enter into the text by responding to how the text has been listened to by theologians, philosophers, sceptics and sufferers, outside and within religious rituals.
John Huss, Convener, Issues in Theology Class
Location:  Rm G4, Ground Floor, Oglesby Building