Adult Classes

Adult Ed webAt Central, we believe that Christian education is a lifelong journey. In addition to gathering for worship, adults are encouraged to participate in classes on Sunday mornings.



Classes are offered every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. with a variety of topics from Bible study, to current issues, to theological questions. Ongoing adult classes with rotating leadership provide learning and fellowship opportunities. 

Special studies are also offered throughout the year.  Each January Central's adult classes meet together for Winter Studies and during the summer months for Summer Series to focus on a specific topic.

Both Spring Terms | February 1 - May 17

The Problem of Evil
Sixty-Six Brief Readings on the Problem of Evil from Plato to Barth

Leaders: John Huss and Class Members
Text: The Problem of Evil: A Reader, Mark Larrimore, Editor

Writings on the Nature of Evil from the Pre-Christian Era; Christianity through the Reformation; the Rise of Theodicy in the Early Modern Period; the 19th Century Challenge to Christianity; and 20th Century Meditations on the Future of Religion, if and as any, Beyond Illusion.  

Convener: John Huss  
Location:  Issues in Theology, OAC Conference Room, G4,Ground Floor, Oglesby Building

Central Letters

Sunday mornings, look for a “klatch” of coffee drinking, socializing, brother and sister loving folks in Tull Hall. We will share common concerns, take time for meditation and prayer, and put pen to paper to correspond in joy and love with those in celebration or need. Led by Brian Bishop and the Deacons, letter and note writing is the focus; ministry is the result.                                   

Convener: Brian Bishop
Location:  Tull Fellowship Hall

First Spring Term | February 1 - March 15

The First Gospel: A Journey with Jesus

Leader: Gary Charles

The first Gospel you find in the New Testament is Matthew’s. Most scholars concur that Mark's is in fact the first Gospel and the one that Luke and Matthew build upon. Come read the First Gospel and listen to Mark's unique accent as he tells the story of Jesus.

Convener:  Robert Catterall                                     
Location: Logos Class, The Greene Room

Christian Themes in Contemporary Short Fiction

Leader: Chris Sciarrone, avid reader and Central Member

Text: Best American Short Stories of 2014, Edited by Jennifer Egan

We will read and discuss selected stories from an acclaimed compilation seeking to discern if and how elements of Christian faith are involved.

Convener: Jean Ellen Jones  Keystone Class
Location:  Taylor Conference Room

Technology in the Bedroom and Other Rooms, Too | February 1 - 15

Leader: Wills Moore

Research shows that social media is a parents’ greatest online fear. Kids may be getting less sleep because of technology. And what about parents? And how can gospel values inform common sense technology rules for the whole family.

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time… | February 22 - March 22

Be Encouraged! Join us as Central parents of children who have seen it all, swap stories and offer hope to parents currently in the soup.

Conveners: Wills Moore and Jill Morehouse Lum  
Location: Faith and Family Class, The Parlor

The Power of Story | February 1 - 22
The power of stories in scripture, literature, and our lives

Leader:  Rev. Anna George Traynham, Resident Pastor

The human experience is full of stories. Where do the stories of our lives intersect with the stories of our faith? What power do stories hold? Through this class, we will explore stories in scripture, literature, and our lives. Come add your story to the conversation!

The Art of the Psalms: Metaphors and the Theological Imagination | March 1 - 22
The role of biblical metaphors in cultivating theological imagination

Leader: Ryan Bonfiglio, Lecturer of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary and Central Member

The Bible, and especially the Psalter, is replete with evocative metaphors about God and faith, praise and lament, community and identity. These metaphors function not only to cultivate our theological imagination but also to nurture our spiritual formation. This course will explore the rich array of metaphors in the Psalms. 

Convener: Ed Carwile                    
Locatoin:  Sojourner Class, Brotherhood Room

Second Spring Term | April 12 - May 17

Creating a Scene in Corinth – an Interactive Study of I Corinthians

Leader: Robert Catterall
Text: Creating a Scene in Corinth, by Reta Halteman Finger and George D. McClain

First-century Corinthians were as human as church people today. They did not consider Paul's letters authoritative Scripture when he wrote them. Gather in a “house church” in Corinth which has just received a letter from their church planter, the apostle Paul, and join the debate over the letter’s content.

Convener: Robert Catterall
Location:  Logos Class, The Greene Room

The Art of Giving and Receiving Help

Leader:  A Central member since 2012, Rick DeFeo counseled legal clients for 25 years and is now a social worker working with cancer patients at Grady Hospital.

Text: Helping: How to Offer, Give and Receive Help, by Edgar H. Schein

Giving and receiving help is a difficult skill to understand and master. We will explore our motivations and reluctance to help others and how to find the moment and opportunity to help. Reflecting on our discomfort when offered help, we will examine how to effectively help others and accept help ourselves.

Convener: Jean Ellen Jones  Keystone Class
Location:  Taylor Conference Room

Spiritual Gifts and Character Strengths Workshop

Leader: Jill Morehouse Lum

The poet Mary Oliver writes, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" If you have ever asked yourself, "Who am I and why am I here?" or if you want to explore your deepest strengths and God-given gifts, join us!

Conveners: Wills Moore and Jill Morehouse Lum
Location:  Faith and Family Class, The Parlor

Almost Christian
Congregations can renew themselves in ways that serve today’s young people

Leader: Peter Paulsen is a minister in the Reformed Church in America who has worked for 40 years helping congregations reorient themselves for a faithful future.

Text: Almost Christian, by Kenda Creasy Dean

Kenda Creasy Dean, Princeton Theological Seminary, contends that the Church fails itself and young people by not offering a compelling faith but rather “Moralistic Therapeutic  Deism.” The Sojourners class will discuss what we can do as a congregation to avoid falling into that style of faith.

Convener: Ed Carwile
Location:  Sojourner Class, Brotherhood Room